Muslim speed dating experience

A speed-dating veteran, who goes by “Junior,” extended a sweaty palm for an inappropriately long handshake.

When I politely tried to pull my uncomfortably sweat-drenched hand away, he coquettishly asked “So, it looks like you are a first-timer, huh?

It was a full of spiritually- and politically-nourishing lectures; a bazaar full of clothing, jewelry, artwork and Islamic literature and information; and an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Start off by grabbing a drink and mingling while our team registers you.

Once everyone is comfortable and relaxed, the Power Date begins.

So, the next best thing is the annual ISNA convention.

The objective of this ravenous love-seeking horde is so obvious now that the nights have been deemed “Club ISNA.” (A club scene developing at the largest Muslim conference in the country is the definition of ironic.) When you get a group of single Muslim men and women in their 20’s and 30’s together in one city, the ISNA convention serves simply as a social catalyst for finding a partner — or at least a few more Facebook friends, preferably of the opposite sex. Despite this obvious flaw in the design, the place is packed with eligible women.

Muslim speed dating experience