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Mohira, a single 20 year-old university student clad in jeans and high-heeled boots, calls Shahrukh Khan -- the Indian Muslim film star -- her "honey" and readily confesses to being transported by the stories of romance that are central to most of his movies.

Authorities restricted media freedoms and targeted journalists for their work.

Navruz, the Persian New Year, is a time of celebration and renewal for the people of Tajikistan.

American students studying Tajik and Farsi on the Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) in Tajikistan and alumni of the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) came together to celebrate Persian language and culture in the capital, Dushanbe.

In July, dozens of deaths and numerous injuries were reported in Khorog, the provincial capital of Gorno-Badakhshan, after the Tajik government sent troops to the southeastern region to arrest those responsible for the fatal stabbing of the local state security chief.

By late July, official sources reported that 17 government soldiers, 30 gunmen, and 20 civilians had died in the violence, but independent sources reported greater numbers of casualties among the general population.