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HERALD SUN - Aug 3 - Bumble has a space in So Ho in New York called the Bumble Hive.

It offered all kinds of events - many unrelated to dating.

The storyline of the comic revolves around two toys, Kitty-Kat and Robert the Robot, who find themselves thrown together despite their differences, in a world where humans no longer have any need for toys.

The first issue sees the pair meet Mr Huggles, which triggers a train of events that will change all their lives forever.

They throw the Heart down to Will and transform to escape the castle. It is Will's thirteenth birthday and she does not want a party.

A one-eyed Gargoyle ambushes them at the portal, pulling Irma back, but Will closes the portal on his hand. The girls manage to throw one anyway and everything is going well until Cedric shows up at City Hall looking for birth certificates for a certain teenage girl.

Meanwhile, in Meridian, Caleb, the leader of the Rebellion against the evil Prince Phobos, is running for his life after a failed attempt at a storage raid. For earlier releases by 20th Century Fox, see List of 20th Century Fox films (1935–99). film studio 20th Century Fox Film Corporation beginning in 2000.For films released by its predecessors before the 1935 merger, see List of Fox Film films and List of Twentieth Century Pictures films.A campaign has been launched to help fund a comic book described as Toy Story meets the Walking Dead by its creators.