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‘I lost all my possessions — and I feared I would lose Bertie, too.’ ‘He managed to arrange for the animals to be driven to the border with Tunisia — going through some of the most dangerous areas which were being bombed — and I owe him an awful lot.But all my attempts to trace Dr Jalal have failed.’ Sue’s dog was flown to Casablanca where she collected him.She attended an independent boarding school, Stonar School in Wiltshire, and later moved at sixteen to London to attend the City of London School for Girls, where she completed her A-levels.She was fond of drama and appeared in school plays, and also with the National Youth Theatre up until the age of eighteen, where she was spotted by an agent who signed her to play the younger version of Dame Judi Dench's character in the BBC Films/HBO co-production for television, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells.

Sue, 66, who worked for the Foreign Office for 17 years before retiring to Morocco, where she formerly worked as aide to our man in Rabat, Sir Vincent Fean, tells me: ‘I happened to be on holiday in Britain when the real fighting started in the compound and I was told not to return.

Her father was a banker and he and his wife adopted two children, Ralph and Rosie, before Romola and her younger sister Roxanna came along. it was difficult.’Dirty Dancing was a deeply unhappy experience which has perhaps defined her.

They had a swimming pool, a live-in maid and an enviable lifestyle. Certainly, she is open about having turned down numerous projects since then that she felt portrayed women in ways she wasn’t happy with.

We just found an apartment for four months, so we’ll be back in December.” Sam, whose father is the investment banker Tim Hoare, has been courting the actress, who also starred in Atonement, for nearly three years and has a one-year-old daughter by her.

He cast Romola as the leading lady in Having You, a film that he wrote and directed, about a man who proposes to his girlfriend, only to then discover that he has a seven-year-old son from a previous relationship.