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I am tired of driving 2 hours roundtrip to hear the same thing from Costco. No adjustments required were after the initial fitting.

I believe they are not properly programmed but cannot convince the sales person. I use the remote Phone Clip thingy to handle different situations, but nothings going to work like the real thing and there are conditions where I am not able to control background noise or a persons vocal range (usually female) falls into a band where I'm just not able to pick up enough to sort it out.

He added (programmed) the TV program into my unit but did not help.

My neighbor has a Costco Aid and it works fine..... I've had mine for almost a year now and have not had any problems.

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People with hearing loss often find it difficult to initiate a new relationship since so much of it is based on effective communication.

Two thirds of people who are not disabled feel awkward around disabled people.

And if you have hearing loss, chances are you are planning other things too. How you’re going to talk about your hearing loss with a new person.

And yet they, like everybody else, can be fun, witty and smart.

Hearing loss can be overcome sometimes with treatment.

Using the bluetooth really helps with TV, Laptop and phones, trying to listen to them without bluetooth (and through the Aids) is really problematic as the Aids are trying to modify sound that has already been modified and shifted around - and it usually sounds like crap.

Co-worker was having similar problems with his Costco hearing aids.