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The second post will cover how to use Persistent Chat’s chat rooms, as well as some potential roles these chat rooms can play in your organization. But it’s received some upgrades from the 2010 version. Group Chat was a separate download from Lync Server 2010.

Persistent Chat lets you create Chat Rooms within the Lync client. You had to use a separate client for chatting, too.

@markandrus For the 2nd of @victorpintot8's questions, could this be accomplished in the meantime by generating a GUID or some some similarly unique string on the server, and then sending that to the clients as the room name?

Hi @jamesgraham and @sedenardi, A Rooms REST API (which allows you to pre-create Rooms) and the recording functionality are available today in Developer Preview.

For example, if you will be using your chat room for virtual office hours, then you might name your chat room “Virtual Office.” Alternatively, if the chat room is designed solely to give learners a place to socialize or discuss class activities, you might name the chat room “Student Lounge.” Type the description of the chat here.

Include precise instructions for students regarding the subject of the chat.

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In the meantime, @sedenardi, yes I think a GUID like that could work.

Best, Mark @markandrus any update on the recording preview in dashboard? I tried here : https:// But this page is not working and show permission required something....

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