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The medal survived by chance, perhaps because it was so inconspicuous.

If this painted portrait is a true likeness, it certainly reveals a great deal about her: For one, we can see from it that she was a hominid.

It’s been a good year for our station, and we’re planning some big things for the coming one, including many new interviews with some high profile medievalists. And of course, we’re looking forward to improving the listening experience so you can enjoy your lutes without fear of acrimony! And while you’re listening to your lutes and carols, why not reflect on how they did Christmas back in the Middle Ages:

A possible portrait of Anne Boleyn was identified using facial recognition software of all things.

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Here is a brief list of the ones I know: Crowley, T.

Hopefully this isn't the last movie they do together.

The script is very good with lots of foreshadowing, symbolism, inside jokes and references to pop-culture.

Remember how earlier this month I was lucky enough to get an i Phone? Even if I did the 2011 version, I was still happy to participate.

It took me a few days to jump into the 30 Day Photo Challenge focusing on gratitude, putting me several days behind, but I couldn’t resist this challenge to show my thankful heart this month through images.