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This urge comes from the time when we lived as members of small bands wandering the African Savannah, which happens to account for 99% of human existence so far.These bands worked according to a system of reciprocity and relationships based on status. A monkey will swap a stone for food—a cucumber, say—and eat it.Last week in the Woodland Conference tournament, Greendale wound up fifth with 25 points.Kukuruzovic finished second, falling 6-0, 2-6, 6-2 in the title match, and Hanlon and the Hawley/Johnson team both took fourth.October 31st – Gainesville @ The Fest November 1st – Tampa @ New World Brewery November 2nd – Atlanta @ The Mammal Gallery November 3rd – Nashville @ Betty’s Grill November 4th – Chicago @ The Empty Bottle November 5th- Kalamazoo @ Bells November 6th- Detroit @ The Garden Bowl November 7th – Cleveland @ Mahalls November 9th – New York @ Cake Shop November 10th – Brooklyn @ Baby’s All Right November 11th – Boston @ Out of The Blue Too November 13th- Washington @ Songbyrd November 14th – Richmond @ Sound of Music November 15th – Charlotte @ The Odd Room November 16th – Charleston @ Royal American November 17th – Athens @ Caledonia Lounge November 18th – Macon @ The Oglethorpe Artist space November 19th – Milledgeville @ Black Bird November 20th – Savannah @ Hangfire Be sure to catch Triathalon if they come to a city near you.Follow them on Instagram @Triathalon for more updates.She plays with the suggestion of three-dimensional space within flat shapes and the idea of the possibility of the edge of the painted surface being peeled off and lifted back.

Her recent work deals with creating the illusion of pattern and then breaking it.A pair of singles players and the first doubles team all advanced out of a WIAA Division 1 subsectional on Oct. First singles player Valentina Kukuruzovic, second singles player Kelly Hanlon and the first doubles unit of Victoria and Alex Mueller all moved on to sectional play, which was held Oct. Kukuruzovic won her flight and improved to 13-1 on the season, Hanlon (15-5) came in second and the Muellers (11-8) were fourth.Third singles player Jenna Hutchinson; fourth singles player Elly Hottinger; the second team of Kate Smazal and Grace Perinovic; and the third unit of Meredith Hawley and Emma Johnson all won their first matches but fell in the second round.To illustrate, Starr showed an extraordinary video of research by Sarah Brosnan of Georgia State University. But when it sees a neighbor rewarded with grapes instead, anxiety and dissatisfaction quickly set in.It is so unhappy, it would rather throw away the cucumber than accept second best.