Eastenders actors dating

Amanda said "Not at all - I think just because it's so far from reality.

It's so far from our own lives that it's just a good laugh." In Hollyoaks world, Sienna and Lockie were worlds apart, barely ever having a 2 minute scene together.

Do you do extra workouts when you see a shirtless scene coming up in the script? I try, but they always get me out there on the coldest possible day, which doesn’t benefit anyone!

I try to make sure there’s nothing too offensive for anyone to look at but I wouldn’t go on a mad gym binge.

It’s a good thing for the show and the character, so I can’t complain. A friend opened a new gym with a different way of training – high-intensity moves and gymnastic work mixed into an hour-long session with competitions. I know that to get the best out of the training I need to eat right. I love rice and meat and big stews – and anything that’s hearty.

I instantly fell in love with it, so I’ve been doing it for the last 18 months. And, because I’m half Iranian, I love Iranian stuff my mum makes – big piles of food and sitting around the table as a family.

After a 14 month absence, it was announced Johnny would make a return to Albert Square, now played by Ted Reilly.When you did your infamous naked walk through the Albert Square market, how did viewers react?There was a bit of a spike in my number of Twitter followers! I’d do a few months on and a month off and didn’t take it too seriously until more recently.But whereas most kids would let it go to their head, Johnny has actually turned out to be quite a well-adjusted, kind hearted kid who loves his family... As the first Carter to attend university, Johnny has made his family proud.So while he enjoys the freedom of uni life, he knows he has to work hard for his Law degree. When Johnny, Lee and Nancy were kids and they fought Mick and Linda use to take them swimming to calm the down.