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By the end of the film, though Drokova remains an ardent supporter of Putin, she is no longer a member of Nashi, and she is shown discussing her views freely with Kashin.Putin's Kiss won the World Cinema Cinematography Award in Documentary at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

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However, footage aired on Russian state television showed how a priest bowed and tried to kiss the leader's hand before Mr Putin sharply withdrew his hand away and made a fist by the side of his head.But Johnson, a striver whose promising life was cut short at 23, deserved the city’s attention.With police stymied, the Daily News’ Gus Dallas tried to arouse interest two weeks after the murder by profiling the victim in a story headlined “A Ghost of Christmas Past; Slaying of a Good Man Haunts Us.” A black man raised in poverty, Johnson excelled at Spellman High and earned a scholarship to elite Williams College in Massachusetts.If you have had a bad experience kissing someone in the past, it may have affected your confidence in kissing today.As kissing is the gateway to becoming intimate with the person you want to get closer to, we’ve put together kissing tips for anyone who is feeling too shy or inexperienced to kiss their date.