Dating personality conflicts

Sociability and Networking: the preference to use social skills to build a wide and strong network of valuable contacts vs.

the preference to focus on the task in hand and to avoid social distraction.

The “D” personality seeks to and to get results, is task-oriented more than people oriented, and their biggest fear is not getting it done.. In a relationship, the “D” personality needs to be insensitive to people’s feelings and to focus on task.The “I” personality is people-oriented more than task-oriented and needs to pay more attention to details and also need to focus on the task at hand.This person can be “all over the page” and may have a hard time getting focused to complete a task.When we were doing the original research which led to the creation of the Influence Profile back in 2005, I don’t think Mike and I realised just how powerful it was going to be in helping people to understand personality conflicts.Not only does it explain why personality clashes occur, it also provides a practical way of exploring how you can avoid conflict altogether.